Saving the marriage???well heres how…

Save Your Marriage…

Starting Today!

 Does This Sound Familiar To You?

There was a lot of sleeping on the couch and in the spare bedroom.

They were constantly battling over the smallest issue — which only led to bigger
issues. Threats and yelling were an almost everyday thing.

They both desperately wanted to be accepted and loved, but neither felt it.
The more each tried, it seemed the further they moved apart.

They had tried therapy, self-help books, seminars.
But nothing seemed to make a difference.

It seemed as if they were stuck in a vicious cycle.
They knew they needed to change things in their relationship…
but they just didn’t know how.

I’m not going to try and convince you that I was able to undo years of fighting,
struggling and disappointment in a day. But, with what they learned in my office
that day, they decided to put their impending divorce “on hold.”

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